Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So What Wednesday

By now, you've probably figured out that I am a photo/mom/event planning blog addict. I'm considering joining a support group. With that said, Shannon, over at Life After I "Dew" has this incredibly refreshing weekly post, called "So What Wednesday," where she basically celebrates the imperfections in her life and gives it a big "SO WHAT!?" I find this concept totally bril, so I'm linking up and joining in. 

So What Wednesday

This week, I'm saying SO WHAT if: 

  • My Christmas tree and all of my decorations are still up.  I think the Christmas season is too short.
  •  I always feel lost when I can't listen to Christmas music anymore, like I have no sense of musical direction.
  • I'm 25 and I don't know how to use a curling iron.  
  • I'm still trying to grow my eyebrows back in from an over-plucking mishap in college. 
  • I have baby fever like whoa...Mom, don't freak out.  I know I'm not ready and need to get the "betes" in better control before we pull the proverbial goalie, but seeing all of these photos of stay at home moms getting together with their adorably dressed babies makes me feel a little bit left out. 
  • I can only keep our bedroom clean for one whole day. I'm a confessed pile-r.
  • I'm kind of bummed that more people don't read my blog...I know I need to write for me and not worry about who reads it, but it still feels really good to watch the stats go up, and it's disappointing when they don't. 
  • I still have not seen Les Mis. 
  • I bought 20 group fitness classes on Groupon, two weeks ago and I have yet to go. 
  • I'm terrified that my spazzy, stressed out, anxious self is going to wreak havoc on our someday kids. 
  • I really, really miss acting.

Tune in next week for more SWW!  What are YOU saying "So What" to this week??


  1. I am a pile-er too! I blame it on not enough closet space in my house.

    And don't worry, I get kinda bummed over people not reading my blog too! It's frustrating.

  2. --You MUST see Les Mis asap
    --As for "baby fever" careful what you wish for!!
    --When the time is right for you there is no doubt that you'll make a spectacular Mom. I saw you doing Gangnam style with Sophie on New Year's Eve!
    --I'm in total agreement with the whole Christmas music thing...everything else seems "blah"
    --Fitness classes? The year is young...
    --I promise to read your blog whenever you post!

  3. this post made me smile. and thinking about you being a mom does too. you'll be spectacular and the "betes" won't hold you back from that my friend.
    much love.


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