Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I am blessed to have a lot of incredibly talented photographer friends (see: Jensen Photography, Nicola Herring Photography, Morby Photography, Kelly Lapp Photography), who have inspired me to get my game face on about this whole photography thing.  It's a hobby that I've wanted to pursue and get serious about for a really long time, and with their support, I think I'm going to do it this year.  I love the idea of communicating a person's/couple's/family's story through single snapshots.  I love the challenge of sharing someone's personality in a solitary moment.  The opportunity to provide frozen memories that people can share years after.  

But here's my problem... I'm completely intimidated by the technicality of exposure and all of the equipment out there that I know nothing about.  Remember, I took Problem Solving 101 as my one and only math class in college, where we learned how to use Venn Diagrams, and figure out If-Then Statements...Katelin is to numbers, as toothpaste is to lemonade.  No bueno.  I have no idea what a UV filter is, or what a soft box is, or when to use a reflector, or a lens hood.   How the heck do I keep my low light photos from going orange?  

I have a few guesses as to what your answers will be:  "It's easy Kate... just sell your kidneys and your first born to science, so you can buy a professional-grade camera and lenses...  They will probably be able to grow them on the backs of mice in a few years anyway...(kidneys, not babies)" Seriously though, way to pick the most expensive hobby out there.  How are you supposed to keep up if your not using it as a source of income? 

You know what though? I. DON'T. CARE.  I'm learning anyway.  I'm tired of letting my fears get in the way of trying something really cool.  I have two pretty versatile lenses, a new Canon T3i, from my incredibly good-looking husband, friend-mentors who graciously invite me on shoots to practice, and a Groupon for an online photography class  (worth $450...got it for $30...what, what?!) LETTT'SSS... DO THIS THING! 

My last post was about the word "discipline" guiding me through this year.  I want to incorporate this into photography, because it takes practice and discipline to keep my camera out all the time and shoot. I need help though.  I need practice.  So I'm looking for Chester County, PA couples, families, babies, pet ferrets, who may want to spend 30 with minutes me so that I can take your photos.  Who knows, you may get next year's Christmas card out of it...for FREE (warning: I'm still learning...). Comment below, if your interested!

For now, here are a few photos I snapped at Longwood Gardens this Christmas Eve. Enjoy...

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