About Me

I’m Katelin. Wife, daughter, sister, friend, cat-snuggler, wine-gulper, blog addict, dreamer of someday mommy-hood, photog-wannabe, and crafter, as in, I pin really cool ideas on Pinterest and never actually make them.

I also have Type 1 Diabetes. I've had it since I was six years old, and I'm just now beginning to pull my head from the sand and accept it. My Diabetes has been a really big source of pain, anger, fear and anxiety for me, but my goal for these next few years is to change my temper tantrum, whining, resentful mindset into that of courage and grace. Can you help me do that? Because I've also just started to realize that I can't do it on my own. I need to let my family and friends support me, and I need to let Jesus do His thing in my life through this challenge.

My hope for this blog is to grow in my ability to stay in the present and celebrate the joys, challenges and grace in every day.

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