Friday, April 18, 2014

Noonday Collection: An Exciting Announcement!

I have some exciting news to share. I've recently joined an incredible company called Noonday Collection. Here's an  excerpt about their mission:

"Noonday Collection uses fashion and design to create economic opportunity for the vulnerable. We offer stylish accessories of uncommon value handcrafted by artisans from around the world who receive a fair, living wage for their work. Many of the artisans come from destitute situations and purchases enable them to provide for life’s basic necessities. Through fun trunk shows and an inspired social selling team of ambassadors, we are enabling women to join our story...What is more? A portion of the profits of sales will help place an orphan in a forever family."

I feel inspired and empowered by these women and artisans around the world that now have an income to provide for their families and hope for that future. I'm grateful to the opportunity to contribute to this movement.

Noonday is not a charity. It is not a a multi-level direct sales company that has financial benefits for recruiting a team.  The more we sell, the more we can buy from artisans from Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, India, Ecaudor, Peru, Guatemala, Vietnam and Refugee Co-Ops in the US.  It's about dignified job creation, advocacy for the oppressed, and telling the stories of the vulnerable. 

Have you heard the phrase, "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime"?  I believe that there is a right and wrong way to help our brothers and sisters in need. When we simply send money, or pay to go on short term mission trips, we create a mentality of reliance on our handouts, and helplessness, and destitution to those we want to support.  So much of developing country poverty is based on education and sustainable income.  When we train and teach skills in that same population, they feel empowered to provide for their families.  Think of the pride that you feel when you earn your paycheck and can pay for the things you need and want.  That's what we want to instill in people like Jalia, and Embemebet, and Sidhama, and Carlos, and Astrida.  That is why I'm an Ambassador.

Do you want to join me? 
Host a Trunk Show and invite your friends to use their purchasing power to change the lives of these incredible artisans.  Listen to their stories and know that you are making a difference.  You can also choose to host a trunk show that is a fundraiser for an adopting family.  Noonday Collection started as an International Adoption fundraiser.  I'd love to tell you more about how you can help your adopting friends and family.

You can also shop online.  I always remember that every piece of hand-crafted jewelry, every scarf, every accessory sold is fair and dignified income for families in need of food, healthcare and education. 

I want to thank you in advance for your support. The mission and vision of Noonday means a lot to me, and I'm really excited to start contributing.  Leave a comment and include your email if you're interested in hosting a show!

Happy Easter to you and yours. 


  1. HIIII katelin! love your heart and passion for this company! I will happily host a trunk show for the cause! Lets talk soon about a date! I have so many friends I want to invite! I'm going to post the video on my facebook page and start rallying the troops! :D

    1. Thank you so much Abby! I can't wait! Let's chat to brainstorm friends to invite, and I will take care of the invitations. If they want to preview the jewelry they can go to So excited!! :)


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