Monday, June 25, 2012

Write it Down.

(Get your mind out of the gutter...)

After listening to a simply wonderful NPR segment today on my way into the city, I heard the most liberating and restorative poem: 

I didn’t trust it.
But I drank it anyway
The wine of my own poetry.
It gave me the daring,
To take hold of the darkness
and cut it into pieces.

—Lalla, A Sufi Poet

What an image! Gripping your suffering and pain with white knuckles and cutting it up with sharp shears, like a love letter from someone you thought you could trust. 

I used to write poetry. One of my favorite times in college was the small family that grew out of a basic level poetry class.   We took risks, and some shared deep dark parts that were hidden by snow white dresses.  I miss it, desperately.  

From my own experience, writing can be such an integral part of healing and recovery.  It allows for the sorting out of all those pesky and painful thoughts that buzz around in your head like bees.  It puts them in plain sight and helps you to become reacquainted with yourself again.  

You don't have to be a poet. Just put the pen or your favorite Ticonderoga to some paper and let it fly.  My Nana used to tell me to spend 10 minutes a day writing. It didn't matter what.  When I would visit her, she would come up with a prompt and we would set the clock and start scribbling down whatever came to mind.  Sometimes I would surprise myself when the little bell rang and read over the words that had spilled out on the page.  I remember feeling lighter, like dropping a heavy suitcase to the floor after a long day of traveling. 

I'm going to start writing again. You should too.  Just see what happens.

Need some help?  Check out a daily writing prompt website like Writer's Digest!

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