Monday, August 18, 2014

More Than a Necklace {Noonday Collection Giveaway}

Welcome aboard the  Noonday Blog Train!   If you are riding along and came from Mattie's, I'm so glad you're here.


It's been about four months since I started as a Noonday Ambassador.  Although this investment was a tad impulsive in nature,  the journey actually started 3 years ago in Ndola, Zambia. It was during my time there that my heart was turned toward the distinction of charity versus education and self-reliance.  It was then that I realized that well intended charity can sometimes cause more harm than good. 

Noonday Collection uses fashion and design to create economic for the vulnerable. But what does that mean? What does it look like? What exactly IS Noonday?

Noonday is expanding the marketplace for talented artisans and craftsmen.

Noonday is bringing women together to use our purchasing power for something outside of ourselves.

Noonday is advocating for women's rights in the workplace.

Noonday is rebuilding lives after the destruction of a  natural disaster.

Noonday is providing dignified jobs and futures lived in the light.

Noonday is allowing women that are HIV+ to purchase their medication and keeping their families together.

Noonday is empowering the shamed and outcast.

Noonday is writing stories of transformation for survivors of genocide.

Noonday is relieving the financial burden of adoption through Fundraising Trunk Shows.

Noonday is helping adults with special needs find independence

Noonday is creating reliable, sustainable work that allows parents to pay for education, food, shelter and healthcare.

Noonday is more than a necklace. 

Enter to win a $25 Gift Certificate to shop online so you can wear their stories! Ambassadors have linked arms (and blogs) to share our favorite pieces, artisan stories, and giveaways this month in a blog train!  You can enter Friday's giveaway HERE and there is another giveaway on Tonight's HERE

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