Friday, August 10, 2012

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Gosh, I love that quote. (Props to my man, Teddy Roosevelt.)  Mostly because I've always struggled with constantly comparing myself to people around me. It's a terrible habit and I think there should be some sort of medicated patch for it. Clothes, craftiness, the ability to cook,  friends, money, blog followers, fully functioning organs...I could go on.  It's exhausting! What is it about us that is always wanting more that what is in front of us?  Why is it never enough? 

David and I are settling on our first house on Monday.  (Stay tuned for photos!)  It's a cute little townhouse with a window seat for me and a tiny back deck so David can grill.  I am so stinkin' excited to get all of our stuff moved in and to actually start using Pinterest for something productive, like building a spiral metal slide in place of a staircase! We also found people to rent our apartment so we didn't have to break our lease and pay an ungodly amount of money for administration fees...what that means, I still have no idea.  Good things are happening and we are so grateful! And yet, I still find my mind slinking away to the seemingly "better" lives of Facebook friends. It's like some self-destructive addiction.

Side Note: People do not post photos Facebook and Instagram of fights with their boyfriend/girfriend/husband/wife/kids.  They don't post photos of meltdowns during summer vacation, or Friday nights when plans fall through and you're left sitting on the couch with your cat.  But this is the truth: Facebook life is not real life. Real life is messy and brutal sometimes, we just don't choose to publicize it, like self-taken duck lip photos. Everyone has their own stuff!... Seriously, enough with the duck lips.

Here's the thing about comparison, though. It's basically telling yourself that you are not enough, and that what God is doing in your life and what He has planned for you is not enough.  I'm so guilty of this! I've found that it starts with lack of self-confidence and that pesky negative self-talk that seems to buzz around like a horsefly during a pool party. We rob ourselves of finding joy and contentment in the present when we compare our lives with others.  So, I've come up with a mantra that I say to myself any time I start to circle the drain of comparison: "I'm worthy, I'm capable, I'm enough."

What do you do to find contentment and keep yourself from comparing?

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  1. Great words Katelin! My Mom used to always say, "I'm active, I'm attractive, and I'm in demand!" no matter what would happen. We used to crack up at this, but really she was always ready with that's good to have a mantra, we all need it at one time or another.


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